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Additional notes:

  1. This file used to be named ducklin.htm or ducklin-html.htm or similar based on its original author Paul Ducklin and was made in cooperation with CARO.
  2. The definition of the file has been refined 1 May 2003 by Eddy Willems in cooperation with all vendors.
  3. The content of this documentation (title-only) was adapted 1 September 2006 to add verification of the activity of anti-malware or anti-spyware products. It was decided not to change the file itself for backward-compatibility reasons.

Who needs the Anti-Malware Testfile

(read the complete text, it contains important information)
Version of 7 September 2006

If you are active in the anti-virus research field, then you will regularly receive requests for virus samples. Some requests are easy to deal with: they come from fellow-researchers whom you know well, and whom you trust. Using strong encryption, you can send them what they have asked for by almost any medium (including across the Internet) without any real risk.

Other requests come from people you have never heard from before. There are relatively few laws (though some countries do have them) preventing the secure exchange of viruses between consenting individuals, though it is clearly irresponsible for you simply to make viruses available to anyone who asks. Your best response to a request from an unknown person is simply to decline politely.

A third set of requests come from exactly the people you might think would be least likely to want viruses «users of anti-virus software». They want some way of checking that they have deployed their software correctly, or of deliberately generating a «virus incident in order to test their corporate procedures, or of showing others in the organisation what they would see if they were hit by a virus».

Reasons for testing anti-virus software

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Obviously, there is considerable intellectual justification for testing anti-virus software against real viruses. If you are an anti-virus vendor, then you do this (or should do it!) before every release of your product, in order to ensure that it really works. However, you do not (or should not!) perform your tests in a «real» environment. You use (or should use!) a secure, controlled and independent laboratory environment within which your virus collection is maintained.

Using real viruses for testing in the real world is rather like setting fire to the dustbin in your office to see whether the smoke detector is working. Such a test will give meaningful results, but with unappealing, unacceptable risks.

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Since it is unacceptable for you to send out real viruses for test or demonstration purposes, you need a file that can safely be passed around and which is obviously non-viral, but which your anti-virus software will react to as if it were a virus.

If your test file is a program, then it should also produce sensible results if it is executed. Also, because you probably want to avoid shipping a pseudo-viral file along with your anti-virus product, your test file should be short and simple, so that your customers can easily create copies of it for themselves.

The good news is that such a test file already exists. A number of anti-virus researchers have already worked together to produce a file that their (and many other) products «detect» as if it were a virus.

Agreeing on one file for such purposes simplifies matters for users: in the past, most vendors had their own pseudo-viral test files which their product would react to, but which other products would ignore.

The Anti-Malware Testfile

This test file has been provided to EICAR for distribution as the «EICAR Standard Anti-Virus Test File», and it satisfies all the criteria listed above. It is safe to pass around, because it is not a virus, and does not include any fragments of viral code. Most products react to it as if it were a virus (though they typically report it with an obvious name, such as «EICAR-AV-Test»).

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The file is a legitimate DOS program, and produces sensible results when run (it prints the message «EICAR-STANDARD-ANTIVIRUS-TEST-FILE!»).

It is also short and simple — in fact, it consists entirely of printable ASCII characters, so that it can easily be created with a regular text editor. Any anti-virus product that supports the EICAR test file should detect it in any file providing that the file starts with the following 68 characters, and is exactly 68 bytes long:


The first 68 characters is the known string. It may be optionally appended by any combination of whitespace characters with the total file length not exceeding 128 characters. The only whitespace characters allowed are the space character, tab, LF, CR, CTRL-Z. To keep things simple the file uses only upper case letters, digits and punctuation marks, and does not include spaces. The only thing to watch out for when typing in the test file is that the third character is the capital letter «O», not the digit zero.

[Новости] В Японии продолжается восстановление после разрушительного цунами 11 марта 2020 года

Токио, 11 марта (Jiji Press) – С молитвами в душе и новой решимостью ускорить восстановление после землетрясения и цунами 11 марта 2020 года Япония встретила седьмую годовщину этих событий, в результате которых погибло и пропало без вести около 18 000 человек и случилась крупнейшая ядерная авария в истории страны.

Премьер-министр Абэ возлагает цветы на алтарь во время правительственной церемонии, посвящённой годовщине катастрофы 11 марта в Национальном театре в Токио 11 марта 2020 г.

Японское правительство провело мемориальную церемонию в Национальном театре в Токио. В ней приняли участие принц Акисино и его жена, принцесса Кико, руководители трёх ветвей власти и другие люди, в том числе члены семей жертв стихийных бедствий из трёх наиболее пострадавших префектур – Иватэ, Мияги и Фукусима.

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В 14:46, когда землетрясение силой 9,0 баллов сотрясло северо-восточное побережье Японии семь лет назад, участники провели минуту молчания в честь жертв.

Премьер-министр Абэ Синдзо сказал, что за семь лет удалось добиться значительных успехов в деле восстановления пострадавших районов, отметив прогресс в инфраструктуре и жилищном строительстве.

Обращая внимание на то, что более 70 000 человек всё ещё живут в эвакуации, Абэ подчеркнул политику своего правительства, направленную на то, чтобы делать все возможное и ускорить восстановление.

Представительница преф. Мияги Митараси Хидэко (70 лет) занимается распространением информации как рассказчица-катарибэ. Она выразила горячее желание приложить все силы к тому, чтобы люди хранили память о бедствии и помнили, что о спасении собственной жизни человек должен заботиться сам, и осознавать, куда нужно бежать в случае опасности.

По данным полиции, на 9 марта количество погибших составило 15 895 человек, а пропавших без вести – 2539 человек.

Transport Statistics


The UNECE Working Party on Transport Statistics (WP.6) is an intergovernmental body dealing with the development of appropriate methodologies and terminology for the harmonization of statistics as well as the collection of data from member States and the dissemination of these data. More.

In Focus

The 2020 Transport Statistics Infocards, a set of country profiles presenting key transport indicators for member States of the UNECE, is now available in English and Russian. A French version is forthcoming.


See how different countries interpret SDG indicator 9.1.2, on passenger and freight volumes, on this wiki page.

The 5th edition of the Glossary for Transport Statistics is now available.

All details of the last session of WP.6, 12-14 June 2020, can be found here, including a report of the workshop on public transport statistics, and all presentations given.

The fourth paper on how UNECE’s transport statistics directly measure the SDGs, is now available, focusing on road vehicle fleet age statistics.

The 2020 Inland Transport Statistics publication presenting a series of transport statistics tables for member States of the UNECE is now available in English. French and Russian versions are forthcoming.

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